Items with (*) require page corrections to original manual.

General Information   Engine
   Forward      Description
   Description      Troubleshooting
   Specifications      On Frame Service
   Specifications (cont)          Cylinder Head *
   Performance Curves          Cylinder
   Dimensions          Piston
   Special Tools          Starter Clutch
   Gauge and Service Materials          Alternator
Engine Tune Up          Starting Motor
   Inspection and Adjustment      Major Service
       Battery          Removal
       Engine Oil & Oil Pump          Disassembly
       Cooling System          Inspection & Repair
       Air Cleaner              Cylinder Head
       Fuel Cock              Cylinder & Piston *
       Spark Plug              Piston Ring
       Ignition Timing              Crankshaft
       Carburetor *          Assembly
       Transmission Oil *    



Clutch   Lubricating System
   Description      Description
   Specifications      Specifications
   Troubleshooting      Construction & Operation
       Removal & Disassembly          Oil Pump
       Inspection & Repair *              Construction
       Assembly & Adjustment              Operation
           SRIS (Suzuki Recycle Injection Sys) *
Transmission              Construction
   Description              Operation
   Specifications      Troubleshooting
   Troubleshooting      Oil Pump & Oil Pipe
       Removal & Disassembly         Removal
       Inspection *         Disassembly *
       Assembly         Inspection & Repair
          Assembly & Adjustment
          Inspection & Repair



Cooling System   Fuel System
   Description *      Description
   Specifications      Specifications
   Troubleshooting      Troubleshooting
   Radiator      Carburetor
      Removal         Description
      Inspection & Repair         Specification (Setting Table)
      Installation         Construction & Operation
   Thermostat              Starter System
      Removal              Slow System
      Inspection & Repair *              Main System
      Installation              Float System
   Water Pump         Removal
       Removal         Disassembly & Reassembly
       Disassembly *         Inspection & Adjustment
       Inspection              Starter System
       Assembly *              Slow System
   Cooling Water, Antifreeze, Summer Coolant & Anti-Leak Material              Main System
       Cooling Water              Float System
       Anti-Freeze & Summer Coolant *      Fuel Cock
       Anti-Leakage Material    
       Cooling System Flushing    



Exhaust System   Electrical System (cont)
   Description      Charging System
      Removal         Description
      Inspection         Operation
      Assembly         Specification
Electrical System             Removal
   Description             Inspection & Repair
   Troubleshooting      Ignition System
   Starting System         Description
      Description         Operation
      Specification         Specification
          Removal             Removal
          Disassembly             Disassembly
          Inspection & Repair             Inspection & Repair
          Assembly       Timing Adjustment & Test