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General Information   Carburetor
   Forward      Specifications
   Description      Overhauling
   Specifications      Adjusting
   Specifications (cont)      Adjusting Fuel Level
   Performance Curves      Inspecting
   Tips on Operation      Overflowing
   Special Tools      Attaching
    Engine Electrical
Engine      Alternator
   Removal      Ignition System
   Cylinder Head       Condenser Capacity & Coil Resistance
   Piston Pin   Body
   Piston Ring      Front Fork
   Piston      Brake
   Oil Pump      Drive Chain
   Removing Alternator      Removing Rear Wheel
   Contact Breaker      Tire
   Servicing of Contact Breaker Cam    
   Crankcase Right Cover   Tightening Torque
   Primary Pinion & Breaker Cam Drive Gear   Important Functional Parts
   Transmission   Periodical Inspection List
   Kick Starter Mechanism    
   Crankshaft   Exploded View of Engine
   SRIS (Suzuki Recycle Injection Sys)    
   Oil Seal   Wiring Diagram


  Cylinder Fittings   Muffler (L,M,A,B)   Options (1)         Options (2) Electrical (1)   Oil Pump   Options (3) Electrical (2)